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Free: Kodak and Heidelberg: Langley Bullish About Enhanced Product Portfolio and Kodak’s New Role in Digital Print Market packaging boxes Label Printing A company having a long reputation using screen printing for industrial applications—we’re talking parts for automotive assembly, both functional and decorative—is seeking to open new markets by addressing the short-run container market. They located Las Vegas seeking searching for solution that would offer acceptable production; the power to create short, versioned runs and acceptable adhesion on numerous surfaces including glass. When I spoke using this company, that they found their solution. Next on their behalf is work about the business side, learn the way to sell their cool product line to clients, and allow it to be profitable. ,What’s YOUR Excuse! Printers Get Creative
ODJ: Makes sense, but does one anticipate color going first to existing IPS customers or do you think that people that have Xerox or Océ boxes will put IPS on his or her list for trans-promo boxes? ,Label Printing packaging boxes