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A Real Commitment to Change packaging boxes Paper Gift By Carro Ford November 3, ,Game-Changers to the Printing Industry: Mobile (Part 2)
nextScan – Booth #1952 nextScan introduces two roll film scanners, Phoenix and Eclipse, offering the user higher productivity, image quality and reliability with an affordable price. Scan speeds up to 300 pages each and every minute – grayscale and bi-tonal Output bi-tonal and grayscale at the same time without having reduction in speed. Adaptive Speed Control to optimize scan speed. Filter setup performed in real-time without resin of the image. Simpler hardware design to reduce probability of hardware failure. Designed with all the latest in camera, lighting, chip, and software technology, nextScan scanners far exceed the product quality, speed and longevity of other products around the market, increasing production and lowering cost for customers scanning film in lots of different industries. ,Label Printing Book Printing